Hairpiece Maintenance and Care

Q: Can my child swim while wearing the hairpiece?

No. Chlorine and other chemicals or salts in the water will deteriorate the cuticles of the hair, and because the hair does not receive any repairing nutrients from the scalp, the hair strands fall off. At that point, the hairpiece is rendered damaged and cannot be repaired or replaced.

Note: You will receive a hair care brochure along with your child’s hairpiece. This will provide detailed information on how to best care for the hairpiece, so it stays beautiful longer.

Q: Can my child sleep in their hairpiece?

No. The hairpiece should be placed on the foam mannequin provided, or on an alternative purchased stand overnight. Sleeping while wearing the hairpiece will cause irreversible damage, hair breakage, and tangling or matting.

Q: What if I need to wet the hair?

Always brush dry hair to detangle before wetting. Never brush the hairpiece when it is wet.

Q: Can I use a curling iron or flattening iron to style the hairpiece?

All heat styling tools should be used very sparingly. Overuse of heat styling tools will make the hair frizzier. Please apply thermal styling spray before using any heat styling tool.

Q: Can I use a blow dryer to dry the hairpiece?

Wigs For Kids strongly encourages air drying over blow drying. If necessary, air dry the hairpiece (80% air dry) and then finish with the blow dryer (blow dry remaining 20%). 

Q: How do I use the conditioner?

Do not apply the conditioner to the roots of the hairpiece. Start applying the conditioner approximately one inch away from the roots.

Q: How often should I wash my child’s hairpiece?

One every 10 days to 2 weeks, unless your child sweats profusely during activities or hot weather. Even then, extra care needs to be taken to ensure the hair is not stripped of its nutrients.

Q: What kinds of products can be used on the hairpiece?

Only particular hair products can be used to increase and maintain the longevity of the hairpiece. These products are provided complimentary (at no charge) for the first time with the delivery of the hairpiece. They are designed specifically for these hairpieces. They are gentle and rich in nutrients, which the hair strands need to remain healthy.  

Note: You will continue to use these hair products going forward. When it is time to refill your hair products, you will call the Hair Scalp & Specialists (+1.440.333.8939) to purchase more.

Q: How long does the hairpiece last?

If all hair care guidelines are followed meticulously, the hairpiece can last beyond a year.

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