Part of our mission to help children look themselves and live their lives includes educating our audience on the causes of hair loss and the difference donors and volunteers can make in a wig recipient’s life.

We hope the variety of resources compiled below will help you get to know us and our mission a little better.

Education on the Causes of Hair Loss in Children

Read about the different medical conditions that lead to children’s hair loss, including cancer, alopecia and trichotillomania.

Image Galleries

We enjoy capturing the smiling faces of donors, recipients and volunteers alike. Check out some photos of the people we couldn’t do our jobs without.

Video Galleries

Learn more about the hair donation and wig creation processes by watching one of our videos.

Donor Videos

Watch as people of all ages lose 12 inches of their hair to a great cause.

Recipient Videos

See firsthand how making a hair donation can truly impact a child’s life.


Ever wonder how the wigs are made after you donate your hair? Our infographics can show you this and more.