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Stage 2: Getting To Know You

Congratulations! Now that you’ve been approved, we have a few questions to ask, a request for help, and a Model Release form to complete and sign.

Tell us a little about yourself

We want to support you through this journey.

Wigs For Kids knows this process can be an overwhelming experience. We want to support each Recipient Family’s unique needs and circumstances. To achieve the best outcome for your child, Wigs For Kids believes that it’s important that we get to know you. Please tell us a little about yourself by completing the Getting To Know You Questionnaire. This form is intended to gain information on the parent/guardian.

Getting To Know You Questionnaire

Encourage support for Wigs For Kids

Support our mission and encourage others to do the same.

Financial donations are important, but there are other ways you can support the Wigs For Kids mission. Please consider:

  • Volunteering your time, talents, and expertise. Wigs For Kids welcomes volunteers who can help us continue our mission. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities where you can make a difference using your distinct talents and expertise.
  • Witnessing your support. Wigs For Kids actively fundraises every year. We have a number of corporate, organization/group, and individual donors, but the need for our services grows day-by-day. Share your personal experience with Wigs For Kids with your employers. Are they looking for causes to support? Ask them to consider sponsoring Wigs For Kids. Your employer can offer a full year of life-changing support through our Annual Sponsorship program. Wigs For Kids offers two options (one-time payment, monthly payments) for completing their Sponsorship.
  • Voicing your support. You can voice your support by sharing your personal experience with Wigs For Kids at church, in group settings, or in your community. Spreading the word is easy and inexpensive. Tell others about the Wigs For Kids mission, our history and our commitment to providing hairpieces at no cost to individuals aged 18 years or younger who are experiencing hair loss.

Do you know of an individual or an organization who is looking for a way to make a difference in our community? Please encourage them to contact Wigs For Kids to see how they can help.  Please encourage others to support Wigs For Kids in whatever way they feel most comfortable.

Volunteer Opportunities

Review and complete the Model Release Form

Allow us share your success with others.

At Wigs For Kids, we thank our donors by providing a glimpse into each child’s journey. We share stories, photographs, and other materials to highlight the value of the hair replacement system to your child and your family.  Sharing your child’s story and visually demonstrating their transformation is crucial to reinforcing—to our donors—the life-changing impact of their support.

After completing, please ship the Model Release form to the Wigs For Kids Recipient Department via postal mail.

Model Release Form


Please complete all steps in each stage before moving on to the next stage.

About Wigs For Kids

Wigs For Kids is a nonprofit organization that helps children suffering from hair loss stemming
from chemotherapy, radiation therapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns, and other medical
causes. Stylists and regular people just like you work together to give recipients the self-esteem
and self-image they deserve.


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