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Stage 3: Measurements

Let’s keep the ball rolling! To start, check your Measurement Packet to make sure you’ve received everything you’ll need.

Please review Measurement Packet contents for completeness

The Measurement Packet will include a number of items for the Recipient Family as well as for the stylist. These include:

For the Recipient Family (see left-hand side of packet)

  • Letter of approval and next steps
  • Measurement Packet contents and checklist
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Sponsor-A-Child program pamphlet
  • Getting To Know Your Child Questionnaire
  • One pre-addressed postage paid return envelope (for United States’ recipients only)

For the Stylist (see right-hand side of packet)

  • Letter of approval and next steps
  • Measurement form
  • Recipient measurement instructions
  • Cut-in instructions
  • Ziploc bag containing: one ring with 8 swatches, eight measurement caps, one measurement tape

Note: If you are missing any items from your Measurement Packet, please contact Wigs For Kids as soon as possible.

Call your stylist to schedule a consultation appointment

Schedule the initial consultation appointment with the stylist as soon as you receive the application approval email notification.

Note: On average, it takes 5 business days for the Measurement Packet to reach the Recipient Family within the United States. Please keep this in mind when scheduling the consultation.

Prepare your child emotionally for the initial consultation

It is important that you explain to your child what they should expect during this appointment. Your child needs to understand that:

  • Your stylist will ask them to remove their hat.
  • Wigs For Kids is limited in the number of hairstyle options that can be made available. Your child will need to accept—and work within—the Recipient Program’s limitations. This may be more difficult for older children to accept, and helping them to accept the situation and adopt a positive attitude in advance will prevent resentment or a possible confrontation during the appointment.

Note: If your child has never visited a salon before, we strongly recommend that you visit a local salon before their initial consultation so they can become familiar with this setting.

Visit your stylist for the initial consultation- please take your Measurement Packet with you

During the initial consultation, your stylist will:

  • Take proper measurements (circumference, ear to ear, front to back) using the tools provided in the Measurement Packet.
  • Use the measurement information to select the appropriate cap size. Accurate cap selection is necessary to order (and receive) a hairpiece that fits your child properly.
  • Select specific options for your child’s hairpiece, including length and desired hairstyle.
  • Complete the required Measurement Form. The stylist will return the revised Measurement Packet to you.

Note: We are unable to alter and/or replace a hairpiece due to inaccurate cap selection. If the stylist or parent/guardian has any concerns regarding the cap size, please contact us before returning the Measurement Packet.

Co-sign the Measurement Form with your stylist

The parent/guardian and the stylist will need to co-sign the Measurement Form in approval of all selections made—including cap selection.

Note: Wigs For Kids strongly discourages last minute cancellations of stylist appointments.

Ship the required documentation and tools to Wigs For Kids

Using the pre-addressed postage paid return envelope, ship the revised Measurement Packet to the Wigs For Kids Recipient Department via postal mail.

Your stylist is your ally

Please keep in mind that the stylist is your ally. We encourage you and your child to work closely with them and take advantage of their extensive skills, experience, training, and guidance.


Please complete all steps in each stage before moving on to the next stage.

About Wigs For Kids

Wigs For Kids is a nonprofit organization that helps children suffering from hair loss stemming
from chemotherapy, radiation therapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns, and other medical
causes. Stylists and regular people just like you work together to give recipients the self-esteem
and self-image they deserve.


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