FAQs – Hair Donation

FAQs – How to Donate Your Hair and Other Common Questions

Are you wondering what the hair donation requirements are for Wigs for Kids? Here we cover some of the most commonly asked questions we receive, including where to donate hair and guidelines for how to donate your hair properly.

Q: How do I donate my hair?

A: It is important that specific guidelines are followed when making a hair donation in order to ensure Wigs for Kids can accept and use your hair. Hair should be a minimum of 12 inches, clean and dry, and cannot be color treated or permed. For full instructions on how to cut and donate ponytails, click here.

Q: How long should I wait after I have dyed or highlighted my hair?

A: We cannot accept hair that has been chemically processed – perms, color treated or highlights. Highlights that wash out are acceptable. Hair that has been chemically processed will not withstand the chemical processing to sanitize the hair. Coloring must have completely grown out and natural hair grown back before we are able to accept it for hair donation.

Q: Do you accept dreadlocks?

A: No, dreadlocks cannot be hand-sewn into our custom-made hairpieces.

Q: Where can I get my hair cut for Wigs for Kids?

A: We do not require certified specialists to cut ponytails for donating hair to Wigs for Kids; you may go to any salon you choose or you may cut the hair yourself. However, we do have a list of ambassador salons here. Check to see if there is a salon in your area, and if not, ask a local salon if they can accommodate you and encourage them to sign up to be an ambassador salon on our website. If you are looking for a free or discount haircut, please call the salon in advance to see if they are willing to donate their time to cut your hair as specified.

Q: I cut my hair before looking at your instructions on your website and the ponytail is less than 12 inches. Will you still accept it?

A: Hair donation length is important. Ponytails that are less than 12 inches will not be accepted as they will not able to be incorporated into the hairpieces. 

Q: I have a ponytail that was cut a few years ago. Will you still accept it?

A: We will accept ponytails that are no more than one year old that are still tightly bound and secured.

Q: Can I offer a hair donation to a specific recipient?

A: Unfortunately we cannot do this.  However, we do receive many heart- warming letters telling us that donors are donating hair In Honor of a friend or a family member.

Q: May I see a picture or hear from the child who receives my hair?

A: We’re sorry, but we are unable to do this due to privacy concerns for our recipients. However, you can find stories of children we have helped on our Facebook page.

Q: May I donate my hair “In Honor of” or “In Memory of” a loved one?

A: Absolutely! There is a checkbox on the electronic Hair Donation Form, note to whom you are dedicating your donation to in the “In Honor of/In Memory of Name” field.

Q: Do you send a confirmation once you have received my hair?

A: Yes. Because of the large volume of mail we receive, our staff and volunteers are working diligently to get all the mail processed. If you fill out our new electronic online form and include your barcode with your donation you should receive a thank you within 30 days of Wigs For Kids receiving your donation. If you did not fill out the electronic form or you gave your donation to the salon to send in you should receive confirmation in approximately 3-4 months. If an email address is given we will send an email confirmation; otherwise, a postcard will be sent in the mail. If you gave your donation to a salon to send in please follow up with the salon first to make sure they sent it before contacting Wigs For Kids. Salons sometimes wait until they have a large number of donations before sending them which could take a few months.

Our new Electronic Hair Donation Form can be found here.

Q: What happens to my hair donation after I send it in?

A: Every day, we receive 3-4 tubs of hair donation mail. Our in-house process involves certain steps for quality control (making sure each ponytail is dry, secured properly, and meets our requirements), as well as measuring, sorting, and wrapping. The hair is then sent to one or more manufacturers. See our infographic for more information.

Q: Is it possible to find out the recipient of my donated hair? Can I contact the recipient?   

A: At this time we are unable to track ponytails from the donor to the recipients. It is a goal we are continually working towards. However, we are able to share a story with you of a child who has received a wig. Please let us know via if you would like to read a story about one of the wig recipients.

Another alternative is our Sponsor A Child program which allows you to help children in need of a Hair Replacement. The child you sponsor will receive a Wigs for Kids Hair Replacement System designed specifically for them at no cost. Your sponsorship will cover their Hair Replacement System as well as products, services, and support, and allow them to face the mirror – and life – head-on.

Through a monthly donation of $150, you can financially sponsor a child’s hairpiece. As a thank you for your sponsorship, you will receive the Wigs for Kids newsletter which chronicles the heartwarming progress of children whose lives have been transformed through hair and financial donations. For more information on the Sponsor A Child program, please click here.