Affiliate Program

Wigs for Kids Salons – Become an Affiliate

Build a network…Engage the community…Grow your business.

The Wigs for Kids Affiliate Salon Program is an outreach program that encourages the volunteer spirit and supports the mission of Wigs for Kids while growing your client base. As an Affiliate Salon, you will become a Certified Service Provider and a partner of Wigs for Kids. The Service Provider program is outlined below.

Affiliate Salon Program (Certified Service Provider)

You can become a Certified Service Provider and one of the Wigs for Kids salons that donate hair and serves children in need by attending the Jeffrey Paul Hair Replacement Academy. Some of the skills you will learn are outlined below.

  • Measuring and ordering a hair system: Assist the child in filling out the application with required information.
  • Personal profile: Create a personal profile for a child at their consultation visit.
  • Measurements and fitting caps: Take detailed measurements of the child’s head.
  • Style and color selection: Work with the child to determine the best style and color.
  • Delivery and cut-in: Learn how to perform a quality control check, prepare the hairpiece for application, application/cut/style of the hairpiece and maintenance techniques to review with the child and his or her family.

Medical and Support Group Referral Network

The key to success of the Wigs for Kids Hair Replacement System Program is to work with local medical and support groups by establishing a relationship with them.

Your salon can then build a network of patient referrals from working with these groups:

  • Local oncology groups
  • Local nursing associations
  • Local medical support groups
  • Local hospitals
  • Local social workers
  • Local beauty salons
  • Local churches

Wigs for Kids will provide the Affiliate Salon with the following:

  • Letter of personal introduction
  • Letter announcing your salon an affiliate
  • Letter explaining the criteria for affiliation

Public Relations

Affiliate Wigs for Kids salons can choose from four programs that will help you market your salon:

  • Personal Contact Package: Use this personal approach to address high-priority referral audiences such as key hospital personnel, oncologists, support groups, etc.
  • Medical & Support Group Media Package: Placed in local trade publications, these advertising, and public relations tools broaden and reinforce program awareness among medical /support group audiences.
  • Speaking Engagements & In-Service Package: This package helps you deliver the Wigs for Kids story in a variety of ways.
  • Brochure Package: The Brochure Package combines several of the core materials into an easy-to-use four-page brochure. Works well as a direct mailer, handout, or “take-one.”

Affiliate Salon Pledge of Support

Your pledge will allow Wigs for Kids to provide full Hair Replacement Systems at no cost to children in need.

Below are ways that a salon can make a pledge of support. Wigs for Kids will supply you with all the materials you need.

  • Make a one-time donation to Wigs for Kids
  • Pledge to sponsor a child for a full year


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