Financial Donations

Financial Donations

Every year Wigs for Kids receives hundreds of requests from children applying for a Hair Replacement System. These hairpieces can be trusted to stay in place and are custom made to perfectly fit the recipient and feel like real hair. They won’t come off when a child is being active or playing sports. Each one is hand-tied and made completely of the human hair that has been donated. The cost of one hair replacement system is $1,800, but at Wigs for Kids, we never charge one cent to a family in need. Instead, we rely entirely on financial donations from individuals and groups to fund our hair replacements. If you are looking for causes to donate to that will benefit children, Wigs for Kids is a great choice. Help Wigs For Kids by starting an online fundraiser or donating now!

Another way you can help with donating to kids is through our Sponsor a Child program. Our monthly partners impact the lives of children battling hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, burns and other medical circumstances.

Two payment options allow you to provide a full year of life-changing support. Annual Sponsorship is a one-time payment or you can make 12 equal payments to complete your Sponsorship. Begin your sponsorship for as little as $20 a month — only 65 cents a day!

We also appreciate and accept hair donations to be made into these hair replacement systems. Need more information? Learn how to donate your hair to Wigs for Kids.



Thank you for your partnership and making such a difference in the life of a child!