Meet Wigs For Kids Hair Donor and Author Jessica Vik

June 3, 2021

We’re so proud to feature Jessica Vik, who recently donated her hair for the ninth time, in honor of her mother-in-law. She wrote a poem about her donation in her newly published book, “Island Rhyme,” now available on Amazon.

She shared this with our team: 

“My hair is really thick and grows fast. I have never dyed or permed it or used highlights, and I have been cutting for donations every two years. Counting back, I believe my last cutting, a year ago, was the ninth time. I was inspired by my mother-in-law who had cancer when her kids were little. Her doctors told her she had a less than 50% chance of survival, but by God’s grace she is still with us. 

She went through a second round of cancer and survived, about four years after my husband and I were married. So it is in honor of my mother-in-law that I donate my hair. She wore wigs on both stints, losing her hair due to chemo. So every couple years I get short hair, medium, and long hair…This is a way I can give to those in need. I believe God has blessed me with such hair to share it with others. 

The title of my book, “Island Rhyme,” comes from where I live. I have lived on Puget Island, WA for 15 years. My husband grew up here and we have raised our family here too. This is where I have written all my poetry.  One day the title just came to mind and I knew I would use it somehow…” 

Jessica, thank you for your donations and for being such an active part of the Wigs For Kids family!

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