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How to Apply for a Hair Piece:
To be eligible for a hairpiece, the recipient child needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be 18 years of age or younger
  2. Is experiencing hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns, or any other medical reasons
  3. Is referred by a medical professional who signs and submits medical proof or prescription for child’s need of hairpiece.

If your child meets the above criteria, please read the steps below to get an overview of the application procedure, before you apply for the hairpiece.  Each step needs to be completed before moving on to the next step.

Step 1: Find a Salon

  1. Search for a certified affiliate salon (recently trained by Wigs For Kids to provide services needed) or affiliate salon (Not recently trained but has assisted WFK applicants in the past with services needed) on our Salon Locator that is closest to you using your zip code.
    1. Type in your zip code on the locator and pick “certified affiliate salon” or “affiliate salon” in the search tag field. Do not type anything else in the other fields. Click submit.
    2. Once the salon is identified, contact them to introduce yourself as a Wigs For Kids wig applicant. Ensure their willingness to assist with measurements and fitting/styling of the hairpiece that you would receive upon approval of your application.
    3. Applicants in the local Cleveland, Ohio area can choose to visit and obtain services from our Fairview Park Certified Affiliate Salon:

Jeffrey Paul Salon
21080 Lorain Rd.
Fairview Park, OH  44126
(440) 333-8939

  1. If you cannot find an affiliate salon near you, we recommend using search engines such as Google to look for a hair replacement center, a professional salon that has experience in making/styling wigs, or a salon that is willing to complete our online training (free of charge) before they assist with the measurements and fitting for the hairpiece. The American Hair Loss Council Directory is a good resource to find hair replacement salons in your area if there are no certified affiliates in your area. Once the salon is identified, contact them to introduce yourself as a Wigs For Kids wig applicant and ensure their willingness to assist with measurements and fitting/styling of the hairpiece that you would receive once the application is approved.
  1. You will need the following information from the assisting salon/center:
    • Full name of salon/center
    • Full name of the assisting stylist at the salon/center
    • Full Address and phone number of the salon/center
    • Best email address to reach the assisting stylist at the salon/center
    • If stylist has wig handling experience or has serviced a WFK applicant in past (if not a “certified affiliate” or “affiliate” from salon locator)
    • Salon license number
  1. Inform the stylist at the salon/center that they will be contacted by the Recipient Program Manager from Wigs For Kids for verification purposes and to answer any questions they may have.


Step 2: Submit the Online Application

Once a salon/center is identified, contacted, and confirmed, you can complete the ONLINE application. The application link is provided at the bottom of the page.

***For children who are hospitalized, child life specialists and/or social workers can work with you to help with the application process*** 


Step 3: Completing Application for Approval

As soon as the online application has been submitted, you will receive an email confirming the receipt of your application and providing the next steps in the process. Check your inbox and spam for the email from “”. If you do not see the email within an hour of the application submission, please call the Wigs For Kids Recipient Department at 440.333.4433 (Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm EST).

As part of the next steps in the application process, as the email will outline, you need to submit all the required documentation and pictures to Wigs For Kids Recipient Department.

Once the Wigs For Kids Recipient Department receives and verifies the completeness of requirements, the application will be approved, and you will be notified via email.


Step 4: Submitting measurements To Order The Hairpiece

  1. After approval, the applicant receives an email notifying them that a measurement packet has been sent via mail.
  2. Upon its receipt, the applicant calls the selected salon to schedule a consultation appointment during which time measurements for ordering the wig are taken and recorded using the tools and documents provided in the mailed measurement packet.

***Measurements for the hairpiece cannot be taken without the receipt of the measurement packet from Wigs For Kids***

  1. The required documentation and tools from the measurement packet will then be mailed back to Wigs For Kids Recipient Department by the Applicant.
  2. Upon receipt of the packet, Wigs For Kids verifies the completeness of the measurement requirements. Once completeness of requirements is confirmed, an order is placed for the hairpiece.
  3. The applicant will receive an email confirming the receipt and approval of the measurement packet.
  4. In cases where the requirements for the measurements are not complete or clear, the applicant will be contacted via email to provide the missing requirements or to clarify certain areas.

***The hairpiece cannot be ordered unless the measurement requirements are clear and complete***


Step 5: Hairpiece Is Ordered

It takes a minimum of 12 weeks from the time the hairpiece is ordered to the time the applicant receives shipping information for the hairpiece via email.

The email will contain the tracking number for the mailed hairpiece and an attached document that the applicant will print and take to the salon once the hairpiece is received.


Step 6: Receipt of Hairpiece and Follow-up

  1. On receipt of the hairpiece, the applicant schedules an appointment with the selected salon for fitting and styling of the hairpiece.
  2. The recipient of the hairpiece is required to notify the Wigs For Kids Recipient Department on delivery of the hairpiece and the scheduled appointment date.
  3. The complete mailed packet should be taken to the salon by the wig recipient during the appointment for proper fitting, cutting and styling (if need be), and to go over the haircare guide.
  4. After fitting of the hairpiece, an “approval/acceptance” form is signed by both the hairpiece recipient family and the salon, and mailed to Wigs For Kids Recipient Department.
  5. Approval/acceptance form is included in the measurement packet mailed to the applicant after approval of application. It is also attached to the shipping email sent to the hairpiece recipient.

***Without the receipt of the signed and completed “approval/acceptance” form by Wigs For Kids, the applicant’s file is deemed incomplete and will affect the reapplication process the following year. This form can only be signed by both parties after the hairpiece is fitted and styled, not before***


  • The hairpiece recipient can apply again the following year for a new hairpiece if the need still exists. Wigs For Kids provides one hairpiece per child per year free of charge to the recipient family pending approval of the application.
  • The application procedure steps have to be followed and completed with each application i.e. each year, each application is treated as an independent application, and renders the submission of all required documents and pictures that are current.


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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.