Ambassador Program

Hair Donation Programs – Our Ambassador Network

Join the Wigs for Kids Team to help with hair donation programs. Make a difference by helping us meet the needs of children suffering from hair loss so they can “Look themselves and live their lives.”

There are a lot of hair donation charities out there, but Wigs for Kids is different. We rely on hair donations and financial support to make durable, custom, natural looking Hair Replacement Systems that are provided at no cost to children experiencing hair loss. For every hair system made for a child, it takes 20-30 ponytails and $1800.00. Ambassador Salons are the foundation for this support through ponytail harvesting, fundraising activities and representing Wigs for Kids in the community.

As one of our Ambassador Hair Donation Salons you commit to:

Support the cause financially – Conduct a fundraiser of your choice to raise money that will help offset the cost of a hair system for a child.

Tell our story – Spread the word about the Wigs for Kids hair donation programs for children in your salon and in your community. Be a messenger and a storyteller to raise awareness for our organization, what we do, and the children who benefit.

Harvest ponytails – Do what you do best – cut hair – and provide discounted or complimentary cuts and styling to hair donors. Click here to view our cutting a ponytail certification video.

Link To The Wigs For Kids Website –  Show the world that you support Wigs For Kids by placing our logo and a link to our website on your website to help bring in new clients and donors and share our mission.

Ambassador Hair Donation Salons Receive:

    1. Salon Training and Support Materials
      • Video training
      • Press release templates
      • Recipient stories and more
    2. News
      • News bulletins and email blasts with any late breaking news and timely updates.
    3. Fundraising support
      • Tips and ideas for successful charity for children fundraising events
      • Success stories and ideas from other ambassador salons
    4. Support of fellow Ambassador Salons in the network
    5. Listing of your salon as a resource on the Wigs for Kids website
    6. The Wigs for Kids social media network to support your salon

Once your application is processed, you will receive an email including everything you need to get started.

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