Hair Donation Process

Hair Donation for Wigs – How Our Process Works

Ever wonder how your ponytail becomes a custom hairpiece for a child who needs it? Wigs for Kids receives hair donations from all over the world. The first step in the hair donation process is for everyone donating hair for wigs to make sure their hair meets our requirements, which include a minimum length of 12 inches and no chemical treatment or dyes. You can find full instructions for how to donate your hair here.

Next, when the hair arrives at our office, our wonderful volunteers sort each hair donation and package it for the manufacturer, where the hair is prepared and ponytails are sewn together and hand-tied into a custom-created cap for each recipient.

It takes more than 20 ponytails and up to $1,800 to create one custom hairpiece for a child. Visit our donations page if you’d like to make a contribution to Wigs for Kids to help with these costs. Every dollar is appreciated.

Find more information about how we use hair donations for wigs in our infographic below.

Our process: hair donations for wigs