Hair Donation Requirements

Hair Donation Requirements

Wondering how to donate your hair? Here we have quick answers to some of the most popular hair donation requirements questions we receive. Visit our FAQ page to see more frequently asked questions.

Q: How long does my hair have to be to donate it?

A: Hair must be a minimum of 12 inches.


Q: Can I donate colored, highlighted or bleached hair?

A: Hair cannot be chemically processed or colored; however, natural color or highlights that wash out are accepted.


Q: Can I donate permed hair?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot accept permed hair.


Q: How can I prepare my hair for donation?

A: Hair must be clean and completely dry before donating. Find detailed instructions for cutting the maximum hair donation length.


Q: Where can I donate my hair?

A: You can find an ambassador salon, or you’re welcome to make the cut and mail your donation on your own or with the help of your favorite stylist.


Ready to donate? Choose one of the donation options below:

Watch our video to learn how to get the most out of your hair donation:



Hair not long enough to donate? Consider a financial donation instead! These funds go towards creating custom Hair Replacement Systems at no cost to the family in need.