July 14, 2023 at virtual

July 14 - Bad Haircut for a Good Cause Fundraiser

Date: July 14, 2023

Time: virtual

Location: Tik Tok

Check out Mike’s Tik Tok Fundraiser-Bad Haircut for a Good Cause- July 14. His Tik Tok handle is Mikeyhazzard. For a donation you get to vote on his “bad haircut.” All proceeds will benefit Wigs for Kids.


Mike is a 7  time hair donor.  He shared “Preparing for my eighth donation, I reflect on the remarkable journey that led me here. Each time I’ve witnessed the incredible impact it has on those in need. Together, let us celebrate the power of giving, as we weave a tapestry of compassion, hope and transformation. I hope you will join me in this journey of giving, where we can change lives one strand at a time.” Visit Tik Tok, Mikeyhazzard.

About Wigs For Kids

Wigs For Kids is a nonprofit organization that helps children suffering from hair loss stemming
from chemotherapy, radiation therapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns, and other medical
causes. Stylists and regular people just like you work together to give recipients the self-esteem
and self-image they deserve.


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