November 8, 2021

“I know for certain that we never lose the people we love. They continue to participate in every act, thought, and decision we make.” -Leo Buscaglia

Cheryl’s mother, Joanne, was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer in 2016. in 2016. Joanne was a mother, wife, grandmother, and friend who was loved dearly. Shortly after starting chemotherapy, she began to lose her hair. Cheryl shared with our team that when her mother lost her hair, it was an extremely emotional time for her because she “didn’t feel that she was pretty anymore.” Cheryl also shared that her hairpieces were so expensive, and never did feel quite like herself while wearing them. 

Joanne passed away on September 17, 2018, and to celebrate her and her memory, Cheryl put together a fundraiser on Facebook for Wigs For Kids. After sharing her mother’s story with her friends and family, $6,000 was raised in just three days in honor of Joanne.

On the third anniversary of her mother’s passing, Cheryl wanted to do something special again. She decided to host another Facebook fundraiser to raise money for Wigs For Kids and the children served. Within just two days, she raised $2,550! By the end of the fundraiser, Cheryl raised over $3,000.

  Joanne Looking out the doorJoanne with her hair piece

Though evoked from pain and loss, Cheryl used her mother’s experience with illness to help the lives of others going through similar afflictions. With Cheryl’s generosity and passion to help others, she was able to raise thousands of dollars for Wigs For Kids. We’re so grateful for her fundraisers and giving spirit. Want to host a fundraiser and help the children we serve? Visit our fundraising page here

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About Wigs For Kids

Wigs For Kids is a nonprofit organization that helps children suffering from hair loss stemming
from chemotherapy, radiation therapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns, and other medical
causes. Stylists and regular people just like you work together to give recipients the self-esteem
and self-image they deserve.


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