Meet a Recipient with a Heart of Gold

February 20, 2023

At 2 years of age, young Lily was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata and started losing her hair in clumps at a time. When she was 6 years old, her diagnosis changed to Alopecia Universalis. Even though Lily went through many challenges, what remained the same was her heart of gold.

Lily’s mom describes her daughter as so smart, beautiful, and very special. Her sassy and funny attitude is what many love about her. When asked who she looks up to Lily replied “my mom, she is just the best and she takes care of me “.

What brings a smile to Lily’s face is her dad, mom, her brother and her whole family. She loves her friends and enjoys swimming with them and playing with barbies. Throughout Lily’s journey, she keeps those she loves close to her heart, and this brings her joy that radiates to those around her.

Due to Lily diagnosis, she was able to receive a hairpiece that she is in love with. Lily wants to be able to show it to her friends, and braid it with her mother. In addition to Lily’s heart of gold, she also has incredible strength. When asked about her hair loss Lily stated “sometimes I have hair, sometimes I don’t.” “And you know what?” “That is okay.”

Wigs for Kids is grateful to meet Lily. Her heart of gold radiates to those around her. We are also thankful to hair stylist Colton at Hair Enhancements of Pittsburg for taking the time to help Lily’s family select the right beautiful hairpiece for Lily. He styled it so that Lily immediately fell in love with it! The Wigs for Kids family is so happy to have Lily as a member!!!

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