Little Brother Inspired Big Sister to Change a Life

January 17, 2020

Aubrey Hair DonationEach hairpiece we give to a child takes 20-30 donated ponytails to make, so we rely on donated hair from our Wigs For Kids community! 

We’re thrilled to share this donation story from our sweet five-year-old friend Aubrey.

Aubrey has two older siblings and a three-year-old brother Rocky. Rocky was born with a congenital heart defect called double-outlet right ventricle (and has several holes in his heart). Due to these defects, Rocky has already conquered not one, but two open-heart surgeries, with a third coming in March 2020. Big sister Aubrey is no stranger to doctor appointments and hospitals as she goes along with Rocky.

Aubrey and Family Hair Donation

After Rocky’s second open heart surgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Aubrey noticed the vast amount of other young patients there, most of which had lost hair as a result of chemotherapy treatments. She shared with her mom, Allyson, how upset she was that the kids did not have enough hair to decorate with bows and clips because of their medicine. Aubrey’s mom took the opportunity to tell Aubrey that sometimes people grow their hair out and then cut it off to make special wigs for the kids, but that it took a long time to grow hair long enough to donate.

Aubrey immediately committed to growing her hair to donate to another child, and two and a half years later, her mom called to make the big appointment with a Wigs for Kids Ambassador Salon. Not only did Aubrey cut off 13 inches, but her hair stylist, Ruth, gave her an adorable haircut! Ruth was encouraging and made Aubrey feel so special she wants to grow her hair out to donate again. Thank you, Aubrey, for your selfless decision to help make another child happy! 

We love these stories of life-changing moments that lead to more life-changing moments for our special friends in need of a hairpiece.

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