A Day in the Life: Managing Alopecia in Children

June 7, 2018

Melody received a diagnosis of alopecia at three years old. She lost a lot of hair, so her family applied for her first wig from Wigs for Kids. Melody loved the wig, but soon she didn’t need it because her hair started to grow back. At the start of kindergarten, Melody had a head of full, thick hair and went on to have a great school year.

In first grade, Melody started losing hair again when her father was deployed. The hair loss happened quickly and, after six months, Melody lost all the hair on the top of her head. Her dad returned so Melody’s family thought her hair may grow back, but the hair loss got worse.

Melody’s Alopecia Hair Donation

One day, Melody asked if she could shave her head bald and donate what was left of her hair to Wigs for Kids. Her younger brother, Isaac, wanted to cut his long hair and donate it, as well. Together, Melody’s family members decided to cut and donate their hair to help make wigs for adults and children living with alopecia. Melody’s dad shaved his head and Isaac and Melody each donated 13 inches of hair to Wigs for Kids. The siblings also gave money from their allowances to help with the cost of making wigs.
After her alopecia hair donation, Melody competed in gymnastics and went to school without hair for three months. Melody’s bravery to go bald earned her local recognition, from features in the newspaper to speaking invitations at events. She even spoke at an event to teach dads how to do their daughters’ hair.


Melody Today: Wigs for Kids with Alopecia

Despite living with alopecia, Melody has a positive attitude. Recently, she applied for and received a new Wigs for Kids wig. She glows and gains confidence with her new wig. And she does her hair with her friends again. Although she doesn’t wear it every day, Melody likes having her wig as an option when she gets dressed.

“We are so thankful for Wigs for Kids,” writes Melody’s mom. “We are military and move around a lot so having the option to use local hair salons is nice, too. It is a blessing and we as a family all know how special this [wig] is!”

According to Melody’s mom, Isaac and Melody’s two other siblings are growing out their hair for another donation. In a few weeks, Melody competes in the national championships with her gymnastics team. She plans to wear her wig at the opening ceremony and compete bald.

If you or a loved one is experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, learn more about options available to you on the Jeffrey Paul Blog.

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