Audrey’s Story: One Recipient’s Journey to Wigs for Kids

April 8, 2019

Audrey had a head of curls. Lots and lots of curls. Shirley Temple type curls. Everywhere we went from a young age, she received compliments on her curls. We always wanted Audrey to know where her true beauty comes from. We taught her early in life that God created her heart beautifully. We instilled this in her from a young age. Never did we imagine the road God would lead us on with her.

In July 2017, Audrey’s hair started to fall out. It was shedding every day. After meeting with a wonderful pediatric dermatologist at the end of August, it was confirmed that Audrey has alopecia areata, an auto-immune disorder. Audrey’s hair loss progressed to alopecia totalis (total hair loss on her scalp) within three months.

After Audrey expressed a desire to have a wig, we started the application process through Wigs for Kids, because of a video we saw online (From My Head to Hers). After seeing this video, we knew this was the organization we would go through. It was obvious what a special organization Wigs for Kids is. My husband and I watched the video the day we received Audrey’s diagnosis. It was very difficult to watch such a beautiful story because at the time there were many questions that often led to tears. We now watch this video and smile and see so much hope.

On February 10th, Audrey’s hair replacement from Wigs for Kids arrived. She saw the UPS man arrive with the box and anxiously greeted him at the door. It was amazing to see her face light up with excitement. She recognizes that others gave up their hair so that she could have a wig with such beautiful real human hair.

So many of our friends and family wanted to help in some tangible way. Audrey wanted to give back to Wigs for Kids in a big way. We organized a cut-a-thon to raise money and pony tails for Wigs for Kids. Over $3,200 was raised at the event and an additional $3,000 was raised through Audrey’s Wigs for Kids fundraising page. On the afternoon of February 18, 2018, eleven hair stylists donated their time and talents, giving 91 people haircuts the day of the cut-a-thon; a total of 135 pony tails were raised for various organizations that offer wigs for children with loss of hair. Children and adults of all ages donated their hair. Such selfless acts of love and charity.

It was truly overwhelming to see so much love and support. Family, friends and even those we had never met before came together to care for our daughter and donate to Wigs for Kids.

Audrey knows she is beautiful with or without hair. Some days she goes just as God created her to be and other days, she wants to wear her wig. We were so grateful for the generosity of Wigs for Kids and the many people who have donated their hair so that our daughter, and others like her, can have the opportunity to have hair again.

Does a child in your life need help with medical-related hairloss? Find out more about applying for a hair replacement system here:

Interested in making a financial donation to help a child in need?

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