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Donating to Wigs for Kids allows you to bring smiles to children all across the United States. Before beginning that process, it’s normal to be curious about what we stand for, how to donate hair properly, and what happens to your hair after donating.

Let’s begin!

Question 1: Are wigs provided free to children?

Answer: Yes! The cost of a customized piece cost approximately $1,800 (this includes products, mannequin, brushes, towels, etc.) at no cost to the recipient.

Question 2: How long does my hair donation have to be?

Answer: We require a 12 inches minimum for a donation. However, this year we are challenging donators to hang in there a little bit longer and donate a few more inches! Many of our recipients request long hair and we would love to be able to grant their wish!

Question 3: How else can we get involved?

Answer: Wigs for Kids Outside Fundraising Programs give individuals and groups the opportunity to host a fundraiser on behalf of Wigs for Kids. These are wonderful opportunities to make a donation to charity and Wigs for Kids is one of the best organizations to donate to for Girl Scout troops, churches and school clubs to promote their missions of community involvement while raising money to support the 35-year mission of Wigs for Kids.

Wigs for Kids is an organization that depends on the loyal givers that consistently donate to our cause. Along with those donations come many questions. Take a few moments to learn about how our organization operates and find answers to your most sought after questions at It is our mission to allow all children the opportunity to look themselves and live their lives so that going to school or playing a sport is not a challenge they fear, but a challenge they face head on, with their Wigs for Kids hair replacement system.

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