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The Ohio Lottery Highlights Wigs For Kids in #InspiredOH Campaign

Wigs For Kids is honored to be part of The Ohio Lottery’s #InspiredOH campaign, highlighting the inspiring work Wigs For Kids does every day for children across the nation.
Inspired Ohio and Wigs for Kids

Jeffrey Paul & Bridget Snyder
Wigs for Kids Day at the Zoo 7/23/15 [VIDEO]

Founder and President of Wigs for Kids, Jeffery Paul, stops by with adorable wig recipient 5-year old Bridget Snyder to talk about the upcoming Wigs for Kids Day the Zoo event!



10th Annual Wigs for Kids Day [VIDEO]

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo hosts tenth annual Wigs for Kids Day WKYC



Two Girls Help Raise Money [VIDEO]

July 16, 2015: The tenth annual “Wigs for Kids Day” at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo includes a hair cut-a-thon along with a 5K run and fun walk. It’s all part of raising money for a great cause.



Check Out the Latest Buzzfeed Video

Followed a hair donation through the Wigs For Kids process to find out how it all happens.



News from the Gridiron

2 Carolina Panthers players donating their hair for Wigs for Kids.  Be sure to check out the players on Facebook and Twitter.


Spotlight on Sponsor A Child Program

spotlight1In the fall 2011 Wigs for Kids redesigned and launched the Sponsor A Child Program. This program helps children in need of a Hair Replacement. The sponsored child will receive a Wigs for Kids Hair Replacement System designed specifically for them at no cost. A sponsorship will cover the Hair Replacement System as well as products, services and support. Through the generous compassion and monetary and hair donations this will allow a child to face the mirror — and life — head-on.

Children helped through Sponsor A Child may all be treated for different periods of time, depending on each child’s case and special needs. Thanks to people donating hair to cancer patients and children suffering from autoimmune diseases, such as Alopecia, children are treated by Wigs for Kids until they reach age 18, while other children with temporary hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation therapy may only need treatment for a couple of years.