FAQs About Wigs for Kids

FAQs about Wigs for Kids Organization and Processes

If you have questions about how Wigs for Kids works, you’ll find answers here. Learn about how our organization operates through answers to these frequently asked questions. Do you have questions about hair donation specifically? Find everything you need to know on our Hair Donation FAQ page.


Q: How much do you charge your recipients for the hairpieces?

A: Nothing! The cost of a customized piece cost approximately $1,800 (this includes products, mannequin, brushes, towels, etc.) at no cost to the recipient.


Q: Am I able to write letters to Wigs for Kids recipients?

A: You absolutely may write letters to our recipients! You may send them to our office and we will pass them along. However, we cannot disclose personal information about our recipients, such as their mailing addresses, and we cannot guarantee that one of our recipients will write back to you.


Q: Who are your manufacturers? Are they located in the United States or overseas?

A: We have been using the same three manufacturers for over thirty years in order to ensure that these special hairpieces that we design are of the greatest quality possible. They are out of the country, because there are no companies who provide the services that we require in the United States.


Q: Does Wigs for Kids sell hair?

A: Wigs for Kids does not sell hair. Once the donated hair is received in our office, it is sorted according to length and is then wrapped and placed into boxes for shipping to our manufacture company. Once the manufacturer has received the shipment, they give a credit to Wigs for Kids and we apply the credit to wigs.

We do receive funds from organizations that use the hair and they help with our expenses in collecting hair such as sorting ponytails, packaging and shipping hair, and promotion of the donation process.


Q: Does Wigs for Kids throw away hair?

A: Wigs for Kids does not throw away hair. Once received, the hair is sectioned and shorter hair is removed from the ponytail. The shorter hair is then used for bangs and shorter strands of hair around the face. However, if Wigs for Kids receives hair that is not completely dry before sending it must be thrown away because it molds.


Q: Are you affiliated with Wigs 4 Kids?

A: Wigs 4 Kids is not affiliated with our organization. Our organization, Wigs for Kids, provides wigs to children all over the United States and internationally. Wigs 4 Kids only provides wigs to children in Michigan.


Q: Why does it take 20 to 30 ponytails to make a wig?

A: Unlike other organizations who send out the hair to make the hair pieces, Wigs for Kids is unique in the fact that we are hands-on with the manufacturers of the wigs.

When sectioned properly, one donor’s head of hair is 4 to 6 ponytails. Since ponytails are not uniform in length or texture, it takes approximately 4 or 5 donors to create one wig.


Q: Is it better to donate money or hair?

A: Donated hair and finances are equally important to provide wigs to children. It takes approximately 20 to 30 ponytails and $1800 to make one wig and each wig is provided at no cost to the recipient or their family. Wigs for Kids also provides one year’s worth of hair products to each recipient to help them properly care for their wig. We always appreciate a combination of hair and financial donations because the two work together to provide a wig.


Q: Could someone from your organization attend our event?

A: At Wigs for Kids it is one of our core values to keep our overhead costs low so that the majority of our finances can go toward making and maintaining the children’s wigs. As a small non-profit we are unable to attend every event. We do have two options to still be a part of your event and they are:

  • With adequate notice, we are able to create and send to you a personalized video that can be played at the event; or
  • If the event organizer is willing to fund the trip expenses we will do our best to have a Wigs for Kids representative attend the event.

If either of these options interests you, please contact us and we will begin to make the necessary arrangements on either request.