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Meet Annie

I’ve been losing hair since I was seven, so I’ve spent more than half my life trying to cover the problem or get rid of it. It was really hard – especially going to school – to be different and not be able to just be myself. I had many different treatments, but they didn’t work well enough.

In fourth grade, I went to Wigs for Kids and got my first Hair Replacement. I could dance, play volleyball, waterski and just walk around school without worrying about my hair. Sponsor A Child made it possible for me to do all this -- the things that make me who I am.

One day, Jeffrey Paul asked me to be Wigs for Kids’ spokesperson. I was nervous about being the spokesperson because I didn’t like talking about my hair loss. But I realized that talking about it makes me feel better. I also wanted people to really hear what kids with hair loss go through, because it’s a problem that’s so hard to get people to understand.

Sometimes I just wanted to be that perfect girl with the long hair in TV commercials. The problem is not just that your hair is coming out. You feel less confident and less beautiful. Wigs for Kids isn't just helping you get your hair back -- it's helping you get your confidence back. Even kids without hair loss have a hard time with confidence. Once you have it, there is so much more you can do.

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