Salon Overview

Wigs for Kids depends on people to donate hair as well as salons to help us carry out our mission to help children in need.


Wish to donate your hair? Click below to find a Wigs for Kids Ambassador salon near you.

If you are a salon professional and would like to partner with Wigs For Kids sign up to become an Ambassador Salon, to cut ponytails, or an Affiliate Salon, to help provide services to Wigs For Kids recipients.

We have 3 programs that allow a salon to choose the best way that they can help us with hair donations to create kids’ wigs. These programs allow Wigs for Kids to not only provide Hair Replacement Systems but also to provide vital service across the United States. We will work with you step by step to train and implement whichever hair donation program you choose.

Ambassador Salon Program- Become a Wigs For Kids Partner Salon And Help Cut Ponytails.

The Wigs for Kids Ambassador Salon program is critical to the growth of our organization and you will become a ponytail harvester and one of the official places to donate hair for Wigs for Kids. We rely on people to donate hair to make durable custom Hair Replacement Systems that look just as a child’s natural hair would. As a ponytail harvester, you would provide discounted or complimentary ponytail cuts and hair styling to our donors.

Affiliate Salon Program- Become a Wigs For Kids Certified Service Provider And Help Measure and Cut-in the Wigs For Kids Recipients.

The Wigs for Kids Affiliate Salon program is an outreach program that encourages the volunteer spirit and supports the mission of Wigs for Kids while growing your client base. As an Affiliate Salon, you will become a Certified Service Provider and allow Wigs for Kids to help children across the country and become a partner of the Wigs for Kids organization.

Cut-A-Thons- Host a Cut-A-Thon Event At Your Salon Or Work With A Sponsoring Salon To Host Your Event.

Holding a Cut-A-Thon is a great way to show the community places to donate hair, how to get involved in helping Wigs for Kids and to promote salons. Groups and organizations can come to Cut-A-Thons to make hair and financial donations and have their ponytails cut and donated, and afterward, all hair donors receive complimentary styling. Cut-A-Thons exhibit salons’ services and allow stylists to form relationships with new customers, which Wigs for Kids hopes will bolster salons’ clientele.