Mishelle’s Hair Donor Story

At Wigs for Kids, we receive so many special hair donations from people all over the world, many in honor of a loved one who has suffered from hair loss. This year, we received a very touching donation from Mishelle. She’s 18, just finished high school and is off to college this fall – Harvard no less! She plans to study law on her full scholarship.

In addition to her intelligence, Mishelle is also very caring. She has a little cousin named Melody who has Alopecia and has lost her hair. Melody actually has a hairpiece from Wigs for Kids. When Mishelle went to visit Melody this year, she decided it was time to cut her beautiful long hair and donate it. She wanted to show Melody the first step in creating a wig just like hers. With such a big heart, we know Mishelle will go far, and we wish her the best at college and beyond!

We couldn’t provide our custom hairpieces to children in need without the generous help of people like Mishelle – and you! Ready to become a hair donor? Learn how . Or, if you’re unable to donate your hair, consider a financial donation .

Recipient Stories – Riley

At just 4 years old, Riley is experiencing hair loss. It’s a difficult thing to go through at any age, but especially when you love long-haired princesses and want to look just like your mommy and friends.

Riley has tons of interests already, like gymnastics, dance, going to the beach and the park and playing with her brothers. She’s in pre-school and she looks up to her teachers as well as her mom and dad. She loves chocolate and flowers.

Riley received her hairpiece from Wigs for Kids in 2016. Having her wig will mean that when she starts school, she won’t have to feel different from the other students, and she can concentrate on learning and growing. She can also be confident during dance and gymnastics that her wig will stay in place, so she can focus on having fun developing her somersaulting skills and dancing like no one is watching.

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